Specialty Finishes

This specialty range has to be seen to be understood. With hundreds of colour options and dozens of finishes, they all have the same level of impact… exceptional.
It can be applied directly over hard surfaces, including tiles, wooden floors, gib walls etc.

Whether you’re looking to replicate concrete, metal, marble or stone, we can deliver the depth that space might be missing. We have catalogues and sample boards if you wish to see these finishes first hand. We are also more than happy to create samples for you if required. If you’re looking for that unique talking point in your home or just a touch of European class, then let WBP showcase why our specialty finishes range is second to none.

Below is one examples of a wood textured Speciality Finishes applied using just plaster and pigment

Our Designers

To ensure our specialty finishes we create are artistically on point and architectually on trend we have teamed with an Italian design team based in NZ who specialise in plaster finishes, Artimani.

Artimani fuse together the unaffected ancient traditions of plaster finishes with there contemporary attitudes to interior design and art.  We work proudly alongside Artimani in confidence knowing we offer cutting edge designs applied with workmanship we can guarantee.

Our Process

Plaster replication is a form of art. Your options are endless. The product can be made into any colour. We really are only limited by our imaginations. With skilled applicators this product can become almost anything. However to keep things simple we are promoting 4 of our most preferred finishes.

Step 1.
Choose a finish you would like to replicate. This could be a physical sample or a high resolution digital image. Send it through to will@wbp.co.nz and an estimated square meterage you would like to cover. We will provide an estimated square meter cost based on this image/sample.

Step 2.
We will create a physical sample for your approval

Step 3.
Once the sample is approved we will inspect the location and provide a final quote.

Below are some more examples of what can be achieved using this same technique we call Specialty finishes